Assistance from Google for communicating students with teachers

Years back, it was difficult for students to communicate with teachers, though there are different means like computers and cell phones. There was always a restriction for such mediums when it came to the communication between students and teachers. Since better education needs the better communication between both the groups, Google has started its venture to make this dream a reality.

Google Classroom App has been designed for students to contact their teachers and understand more about a particular project or subject. With this app by your side, you will never miss a project to be submitted or miss what you were taught in the class that particular day. You will always be in touch with your syllabus, classes and projects. This app can be considered as a blessing for student community as a whole. If used the proper way, this app can help students in assisting their studies and equip them for the exams and project submissions.

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Australia has all apart “Separate” Apps category from Google Play

Australia has all apart “Separate” Apps category from Google PlayGoogle Play has launched it new series of apps and games made especially for Australia. Google has introduced a new section ‘Made in Australia’ in its web version and mobile version of its App store. Once inside this section the caption seems interesting – “Homegrown Apps”. Like people have a special liking towards anything home-grown, Google is leveraging on Australian made Apps also.

Australia is an important hub for mobile App development. Australian people love technology and always try to keep up with latest gadgets and gizmos. Now with so many smart phones and smart devices available in the market, Australians also are in the race for using the latest apps released first.

Localization of Apps

This emerging trend has made Google develop and deploy local apps that target locals in each place effectively. It is only obvious that Google Play will have apps developed for other regions also similar to Australia. Google was the first to SEO pages with respect to location. Similarly they have now localized the mobile app world also. This can make a big impact since most people especially non-residents will have a special liking towards anything made in their native place. Google Play has tried to leverage this tendency and developed Localized apps.

It does not mean that Google Play will leave out all other apps made in other parts of the world suitable to the device. It is just that Google Play has included another category in Apps that is localized and will get preference while people search for apps from their smart device. 

Reaching out to more people

With localization Google Play plans to reach out to non English speaking group which form a big majority of mobile users. People can now play games and use utilities in their language. This will open wide a large group of people accessing Google Play apps in each location. Similarly for developers also it provides huge range of opportunities. Instead of concentrating on one location for developing apps, Google Play now will have apps developed locally for major locations. Google will also leverage a lot from localized apps since the developers will have a better idea about what the users are looking for since they are familiar with the locals.

Homegrown Apps

The catchword ‘Homegrown Apps’ itself is very nostalgic for most Australians especially those living outside Australia. The same applies to everyone since people tend to have a soft space for their native country and native people. Google Play is also offering popular Australian TV shows, music and gift cards localized.

The Future of Localized Google Apps

While the “Made in Australia” is the only localized version available right now in Google Play, more local versions are soon expected. More and more non-English speaking groups will be accessing these localized versions of apps through Google Play. With more versions of “Made in” apps expected to release soon from Google Play, the mobile developers will see a huge rise in users of internet data for these local apps.

Siri and Google Now – The Latest Incarnations of Predictive Intelligence

Siri and Google Now- The latest incarnations of predictive intelligenceMan has always wanted an artificial intelligent personal assistant by his side, designed perfectly for assisting him in performing minor as well as major tasks with ease. Though the idea is not as successful as one thinks, it is possible to a certain extent that the assistance of an artificial intelligence can make certain tasks of man much easier. One such example is Siri. Siri is the personal assistant that is built into Apple’s iPhones and iPads. It understands complex sentences, and can guide you in doing your tasks.

What Siri offers is simply not something extraordinary. But what the next generation assistant software aims is to move ahead and take a big leap towards what is known as predictive intelligence. Since these days, smartphones are the ones that have the quickest access to internet links, data of location, are able to draw the personal information, get information from address books, calendars and e-mails; it would be the perfect to make use of such software in smartphones. This way, the user will be provided with a whole lot of assistance right from his/her phone.

The main aim of the latest technological assistants is simply to anticipate the next information that will be needed by the user. This anticipation is based on the information provided beforehand. These assistants will hence ask you to leave early for the meeting, or take a particular route to the destination as it has already found a take a diversion due to traffic sign. It can even book a taxi, a hotel; analyze the e-mail, text message and lots more.

According to Bill Ferrel, the founder of Osito, an application for predictive intelligence, phone contains all the data sources and people pull out the phone and make the first step. According to Bill Ferrel, software should always reduce the time on handling tasks manually. This includes the input of information on a manual basis.

The predictive intelligence has become a part and parcel of a few wearable devices such as wearable watches and Google Glass. In such devices, there is little interaction and a good need for more automation. Predictive intelligence, as per the search giant Google, is the future of search. The Google Now service is considered as the best of the predictive intelligence that has been successfully been used in millions of devices based on Android platform.

These days, the Android as well as Apple stores are loaded with different kinds of personal assistants. Majority of them take the primary information from the data entered in the calendar. Donna, Tempo and Sunrise are the examples of such applications. Those that take information from e-mail as well as from location are also to be noted. Osito and reQall are the apps that make use of e-mail and location details for the purpose of prediction.

Though such a technology is accepted by many, many others find it too much of perking into privacy as it takes a whole lot of details from mails and reminders in calendars and at times, wrong predictions and notifications can make the apps gain a negative effect.

Carrie miller loves writing technical articles and about latest software and app releases while working as developer at Zealous System – A web application development company. Through her article, we are able to understand more about predictive intelligence and its growing popularity among masses. The details of this technology are well explained by her in this article.

Google allows Chrome to enter into Windows 8

Google allows Chrome to enter into Windows 8

Google as always, has tried to surprise people with innovations that really stand apart from others. The chrome based operating system is the latest topic of talk in the web world these days. Google has applied Chrome OS into Windows8, similar to that of a Trojan horse. Chrome OS is the latest alpha version of Chrome for Windows 8. You will get a multi window interface when you open Chrome OS in the Metro interface. It has an app launcher and a taskbar that gives us the effect of a Chrome OS. 

Chrome giving a perfectly new experience to users

Earlier, Chrome in Windows 8 was just doing the job of a browser. Launching of Chrome in Metro will only give you a full screen version of the chrome browser. But when joining Alpha Chrome developer channel and launching Chrome from the metro interface of Windows 8, a totally new experience can be obtained. The result is Chrome OS working on Chromebook.

Metro version of Windows 8

Windows 8 makes use of web browsers in a totally different manner than the usual Metro apps. And it is clear that Google is making use of this fact the most. Metro version of Windows 8 actually runs on a smooth mode on tablets. Moreover, it does not crash too and when used on tablets, saves a lot of energy too. The modern browsers which are made up of JavaScript and complex HTML5 web applications work like virtual operating systems and hence need more access to low level resources that the traditional metro apps usually do not need. Google has made use of this very feature for the purpose of porting Chrome operating system window manager into Win32.

The latest version of chrome, Metro actually does not work or look like Chrome OS. Users will be able to open multiple number of browser windows, will be able to pin the browser windows either to the left or right. To the bottom of the screen, you will find an app launcher and a taskbar. As this is a Windows 8 version, one can do tasks like splitting the screen of the Chrome with other applications of windows. 

Chrome when set as default browser

When set as the default browser and when launched on the Start screen of Windows 8, Chrome will allow many number of browser panes inside the application, which can be moved on to various directions of the screen.

A row of apps are also displayed just out of the browser that will allow you to access the many services by Google like Gmail, YouTube and even Google Docs straight on. When you click on the chosen app, the app will launch into a separate tab on the Chrome.

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