Significance of Web Design and Web Development, individually

Significance of Web Design and Web Development, individually

People these days, are quite familiar with the two terms “Web Designer” and “Web Developer”. It can be seen that these two phrases are often interchanged by those who are not much acquainted with the industry. Usually, clients who need to set up a website often make this mistake and think that both designer and developer are the same.

Usually, when people get confused on both the terms and it can be usually seen that designers will be struggling to answer the questions that are related to adding the database to the website while the developers will be stumbling to give the answers related to color selection, layout, font styles and placement of image.

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Seven Mantras of E-Commerce to boost the knowledge of Small Businesses

Seven Mantras of E-Commerce to boost the knowledge of Small Businesses


The world today has changed drastically when it comes to technology as well as promotion of any particular thing. Ideas, creative thinking and new technological developments have made it easy to beat any competition between businesses. E-Commerce is one such factor which is considered by every business small, medium or large scale to survive the cut throat competition of success.

The most important factor with regards to E-Commerce is the use of social media marketing to be in touch with your old customers as well as build relations with the new ones. The seven mantras of E-Commerce that helps small businesses to sustain in the market are as follows:-

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The Changing Base of Technology with Location Based Apps

The Changing Base of Technology with Location Based Apps

Wonder how the world would have been if the locations could be traced just a few years back? One would not have had to search for alibis; the phones would have been the best alibi. The cases would not have stretched for long years as the person would have been able to trace out all the possible evidences using the phone itself. Most of the cases in the recent times get solved thanks to the location feature available in the phones of the today’s time and age.

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Australia has all apart “Separate” Apps category from Google Play

Australia has all apart “Separate” Apps category from Google PlayGoogle Play has launched it new series of apps and games made especially for Australia. Google has introduced a new section ‘Made in Australia’ in its web version and mobile version of its App store. Once inside this section the caption seems interesting – “Homegrown Apps”. Like people have a special liking towards anything home-grown, Google is leveraging on Australian made Apps also.

Australia is an important hub for mobile App development. Australian people love technology and always try to keep up with latest gadgets and gizmos. Now with so many smart phones and smart devices available in the market, Australians also are in the race for using the latest apps released first.

Localization of Apps

This emerging trend has made Google develop and deploy local apps that target locals in each place effectively. It is only obvious that Google Play will have apps developed for other regions also similar to Australia. Google was the first to SEO pages with respect to location. Similarly they have now localized the mobile app world also. This can make a big impact since most people especially non-residents will have a special liking towards anything made in their native place. Google Play has tried to leverage this tendency and developed Localized apps.

It does not mean that Google Play will leave out all other apps made in other parts of the world suitable to the device. It is just that Google Play has included another category in Apps that is localized and will get preference while people search for apps from their smart device. 

Reaching out to more people

With localization Google Play plans to reach out to non English speaking group which form a big majority of mobile users. People can now play games and use utilities in their language. This will open wide a large group of people accessing Google Play apps in each location. Similarly for developers also it provides huge range of opportunities. Instead of concentrating on one location for developing apps, Google Play now will have apps developed locally for major locations. Google will also leverage a lot from localized apps since the developers will have a better idea about what the users are looking for since they are familiar with the locals.

Homegrown Apps

The catchword ‘Homegrown Apps’ itself is very nostalgic for most Australians especially those living outside Australia. The same applies to everyone since people tend to have a soft space for their native country and native people. Google Play is also offering popular Australian TV shows, music and gift cards localized.

The Future of Localized Google Apps

While the “Made in Australia” is the only localized version available right now in Google Play, more local versions are soon expected. More and more non-English speaking groups will be accessing these localized versions of apps through Google Play. With more versions of “Made in” apps expected to release soon from Google Play, the mobile developers will see a huge rise in users of internet data for these local apps.

Explore the Possibilities of Instagram for Social Marketing

Explore the Possibilities of Instagram for Social MarketingWhile a good part of Internet users are die-hard Facebook and Twitter fans, there’s a good percentage that are already fed up of both thanks to the social networking advertisements and online marketing teams who keep throwing advertisements on their social networking profiles. Online marketing especially on Facebook and Twitter has helped many businesses to succeed in their online ventures and got them customers offline too.

More and more people are getting fed up of advertisements. They are in the news papers, television, radio, emails and social networking websites too. While they help the entrepreneurs gain a good customer base, many of the normal users hate being chased by advertisements. Many are turning to less used media like Instagram where online advertisements are yet to explore the possibilities.

Many start-ups are gaining on genuine customers through Instagram surprisingly. Instagram is actually a photo filtering tool where people post and share photos with their close ones. Small boutiques and craftsmen are gaining in on the possibilities of attracting more traffic to their products with Instagram now. There are more serious users here than in Facebook and Pinterest that have millions of users now.

How to effectively use Instagram for online Marketing?

As in any other social networking site, Instagram also need you to create a profile for your business or personal profile to start with. Once the profile is created let the whole world know about it and gain maximum followers. That forms your basic database. Like in Facebook, you can add photos to your Instagram profile and make it public so that everyone can view it. If intended for a particular person or group share it privately with them so that no one else will be able to see the same. Instagram lets you share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr profiles too. Instagram has a mobile app which lets you share photos on your mobile. They also give you a suggestion list to make sure you don’t miss your usual friends while sending a photo.

What not to do in Instagram?

  • Do not spam
  • Instagram does not allow any offensive material on their site. You may get permanently blocked.
  • Share only relevant data to get genuine
  • No transactions in Instagram. Keep the transaction part away from it.

So basically you can share your product photos among your friends in Instagram and ask them to mail you for making an order. Rest of the transaction can be done outside of Instagram. The basic rule anyhow is to be transparent and to-the-point to get the customers to trust you. If any problem arises make sure you rectify it immediately otherwise it may result in negative publicity and kill your business.

What makes Instagram even more likable is that it is absolutely free to use. It comes with a useful image editor to edit your photos and the mobile version is absolutely fantastic. Since Instagram is available for android and iOS, more and more users seem to prefer Instagram over Facebook now. If you are a business owner looking to expand your online traffic, Instagram will be the best option available now.

Carrie Miller works in the marketing team of Zealousys.Com He works closely with online and offline marketing teams to get maximum marketing coverage for their clients. He finds that the possibilities of online marketing has increased multi-fold and is there to rule the market for a while.

Mobile Development and the Major Areas of Difficulties

Mobile Development and the Major Areas of DifficultiesTechnology is always evolving with the changing market dynamics and varying needs of the consumers. In the mobile app development industry, this change is highly evident. Almost every day, we get to see the mobile companies releasing different mobile phones and such other portable devices in the market. There has also been constant up gradation in the existing mobile phone versions.

There is no doubt about the fact that mobile development is indeed a tough job. Although the tools and Software Development Kit or SDK’s have improved over time yet the basics of mobile development has remained the same.

In this article, I have tried to highlight the areas of difficulties in mobile app development.

Inconsistent Nature of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices vary in screen size and specifications; however the real problem with mobile gadgets is that they have different kinds of sensors and a wide range of network connectivity tactics for use in mobile apps. The state of these sensors or network connectivity methods is unknown when a mobile phone user fires up your application.

Temporary Data Connections

Data connections are usually transient and prone to failure. If your app relies entirely on a network connection, you will have a lot of justification to make that you will not have to deal with in case of a web application or a desktop app. That is just the start of the problem. Mobile development experts can be pushed to the background at will.

Limited Storage Space

Many mobile devices have a small storage space that can lead to dumping your cache. The storage memory will automatically get filled up leaving no room for specific software to run. Batteries can also wear out thus causing all sorts of problems.

Desktop Apps More Privileged

While the desktop computers sit comfortably with a steady power connection and an uninterrupted internet connection, mobile phones have issues such as limited storage space, leak of confidential data and GPS. It is indeed a not-so good environment for mobile development.

App Design and Layout Problem

Mobile app development professionals face yet another crucial problem with regard to app design and layout. Almost every mobile device having a separate screen size and alignment and there arises the problem of app design and layout in this case. In case of Android devices, the number of screen sizes is approximately 100. When an app developer is designing a user interface, he must take utmost care to ensure the particular app works well on all the Android phones. Moreover, a lot of time gets wasted in fixing a large number of bugs that come up during the designing phase.

Operating System and SDK Version Fragmentation

Since the release of the first iOS and Android operating system, many new versions have been launched in the market. The mobile apps face big challenges for supporting the old as well as the new versions of iOS and Android. Software that works perfectly in one version may not work well with another one. Development professionals need to spend extra hours to resolve such app operating issues. Android is extremely patchy in both hardware and software versions. There are at present more than 11,000 different Android devices used by people.

Low Level Programming in Mobile Software

Almost every mobile app that is used in various portable gadgets needs to be multi-threaded resulting in greater complexity. Developing a mobile app is time-consuming as well. A developer can build a desktop or web app at a faster pace. For quick mobile development, these days many developers use HTML and JavaScript, or tools like Appcelerator.

Zealous System, a leading company based in India specializes in innovative mobile app development that will allow your business to draw attention of its target customers and create a genuine interest in them. We specialize in different types of mobile app designs that include Blackberry Application Development, iPhone Application Development, Android Application Development, Windows Mobile Application Development, and Symbian OS Application Development.

GDC 2014 and the Top Moments Related to Gaming

GDC 2014 and the Top Moments Related to Gaming

This year as well the prestigious Game Developers Conference (GDC) was held between March 17 and 21 at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, California. It was the 28th GDC held in a row. There were around 24,000 professional video game developers who participated in this Conference for learning, sharing, and networking with the other attendees having a video gaming background.

GDC has come a long way since its humble beginning in 1987 by the game designer Chris Crawford in his living room. At the 2014 GDC, a lot of discussions were held regarding the future of gaming. Some important announcements were also made including Google soon to be releasing a number of new game development tools and game gift codes for Google Play Games and such other Google products.

In this article, we have tried to provide a peek through regarding the current state of the gaming industry and what new is going to come.

Virtual Reality is the In-thing

There were no surprises involved in Sony’s announcement of the virtual reality headset – Project Morpheus at GDC 2014. According to industry experts, it was a planned one. Codenamed the Oculus Rift, a PC-compatible head mounted display was also showcased in this event strengthening the fact that consumer-based virtual reality will dominate the technological conversation in the future.

Sony knew very well that the failure of 3D television has left a wide gap for some new technological invention to inhabit the market. The concept of virtual reality-based headsets helps people come closer to “presence” as we play different video games.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, well this company did not present anything new at this event; however the fact that Microsoft has employed Jaron Lanier, the man who popularized the concept of “virtual reality” in the 1980s, makes us believe that within a few months perhaps we will be seeing some new game development tools and applications from the software giant.

Democratization of Game-Making will Continue

At this year’s GDC we came to know that GameMaker: Studio is now supporting PlayStation4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.  GameMaker: Studio is an easy-to-use software among all the video creation tools released till date.

There was another announcement that Unreal Engine which is high-powered and notably costly game-making software is now available as a subscription model. According to GDC, Unreal Engine 4 is available for only $19 a month.

There is No Singular Future for Games

All different types of games that have so been invented come under the single roof of “video games”. Video gaming is a technology, an art, and a sport. That is why we get to see a wide range of games starting from the storytelling games to sport games such as Clash of Clans.

A number of video games won awards at the 2014 Game Developers Conference including the Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us won the Best Game at the Game Developers’ Choice awards and the Papers, Please won four awards at GDC.

At this event, GDC attendees also learned about the plan, execution, and monetization strategies of popular free-to-play game development like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. Also, Vlambeer, an indie team managed by two men who came from Utrecht, announced that its game “Lufrausers”, sold for a one-time payment on PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita during GDC reaped profit after just three days.

We, at Zealous System, firmly believe that game is not just an idea that is developed somehow. Rather, we strongly emphasize on the fact that a good quality game demands dedication and intense hard work. At Zealous System, while working on mobile game development project, we pay attention to several factors. More specifically, we ensure that gaming ideas developed by us are marketable, retain interest of the players, and also bring in profit to our clients.