The Options for Testing on Android’s Smart Platform

Getting an app tested on Android or iOS does not have much difference. The actual procedure that it takes for testing an app in both the platforms is the same, and similar is the end result too. But the difference can be pointed out only when we have a deeper look into the whole procedure.

The reason why Android stand apart is because of it has a lot of possibilities. The devices which iOS works are iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Though these devices are almost common in features, the factors that make them different are the memory size, pixel density, screen resolution and speed of the processor.

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Explore the Possibilities of Instagram for Social Marketing

Explore the Possibilities of Instagram for Social MarketingWhile a good part of Internet users are die-hard Facebook and Twitter fans, there’s a good percentage that are already fed up of both thanks to the social networking advertisements and online marketing teams who keep throwing advertisements on their social networking profiles. Online marketing especially on Facebook and Twitter has helped many businesses to succeed in their online ventures and got them customers offline too.

More and more people are getting fed up of advertisements. They are in the news papers, television, radio, emails and social networking websites too. While they help the entrepreneurs gain a good customer base, many of the normal users hate being chased by advertisements. Many are turning to less used media like Instagram where online advertisements are yet to explore the possibilities.

Many start-ups are gaining on genuine customers through Instagram surprisingly. Instagram is actually a photo filtering tool where people post and share photos with their close ones. Small boutiques and craftsmen are gaining in on the possibilities of attracting more traffic to their products with Instagram now. There are more serious users here than in Facebook and Pinterest that have millions of users now.

How to effectively use Instagram for online Marketing?

As in any other social networking site, Instagram also need you to create a profile for your business or personal profile to start with. Once the profile is created let the whole world know about it and gain maximum followers. That forms your basic database. Like in Facebook, you can add photos to your Instagram profile and make it public so that everyone can view it. If intended for a particular person or group share it privately with them so that no one else will be able to see the same. Instagram lets you share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr profiles too. Instagram has a mobile app which lets you share photos on your mobile. They also give you a suggestion list to make sure you don’t miss your usual friends while sending a photo.

What not to do in Instagram?

  • Do not spam
  • Instagram does not allow any offensive material on their site. You may get permanently blocked.
  • Share only relevant data to get genuine
  • No transactions in Instagram. Keep the transaction part away from it.

So basically you can share your product photos among your friends in Instagram and ask them to mail you for making an order. Rest of the transaction can be done outside of Instagram. The basic rule anyhow is to be transparent and to-the-point to get the customers to trust you. If any problem arises make sure you rectify it immediately otherwise it may result in negative publicity and kill your business.

What makes Instagram even more likable is that it is absolutely free to use. It comes with a useful image editor to edit your photos and the mobile version is absolutely fantastic. Since Instagram is available for android and iOS, more and more users seem to prefer Instagram over Facebook now. If you are a business owner looking to expand your online traffic, Instagram will be the best option available now.

Carrie Miller works in the marketing team of Zealousys.Com He works closely with online and offline marketing teams to get maximum marketing coverage for their clients. He finds that the possibilities of online marketing has increased multi-fold and is there to rule the market for a while.

Essential for Your Android & iOS SmartPhone: The 50 best apps of 2013

Essential for Your Android and iOS SmartPhone The 50 best apps of 2013Now-a-days is today’s latest technology a kind of positive enhancement? But answer is that over past few years technology has completely taken over society. These days everyone is using technology from children and teenagers to elders as well as adults. In the today’s world, technology is actually most important thing that makes everything even easier. With the help of this latest technology enhancement, people don’t need to leave their homes to achieve what they want. Presently, mobile application development is actual process by which application software is developed for all kind of devices from low-power handheld to personal smartphones.

In this days and age of era, you are not easily getting full value of any handsets from high-end handsets like iPhones, HTC one and Samsung Galaxy unless you load up your phone with some great apps. 2013 was year of physically powerful growth for all handsets with Google-powered smartphones and different tablets starting to challenge Apple’s as well.

In the year of 2013, the biggest application trend was dominance of free-to-play games that are free to download and play but which already make their money from in-app purchases of virtual items. The major lot was Candy Crush Saga that helped to completely make mobile gaming more mainstream than it has ever been. There are verity of children’s applications which were another trend with increasing community and latest enhancement of developers who aim to entertain children.

You can find various fitness tracking applications that known as quantification of the self. Now it is possible to track your steps, workouts, calories as well as your sleeping patterns became increasingly common with some applications tied to external monitors. All these applications will spread on different devices from smart watches to cars. Here there are 50 app recommendations from news, weather to productivity & task management.

For Example,

  1. GLOW iPhone: This application integrates charts, daily reminders as well as health tracking features.
  2. Moves: It uses your handset’s sensors that help you to simply track your running, walking as well as cycling even while showing you where you went during entire day.
  3. Helpouts: It’s the way to easily connect to experts in host of different categories for one-to-one help on. You can easily talk to the experts through live video chat from computers to cooking and fashion to fitness.
  4. BBC Sports: This application offers stats, new stories as well as tables for range of sports and capability to view & listen events live.
  5. Angry Birds: This is a kind of another round of slinging birds at evil pigs with well-known characters aplenty and even some tie-in toys.
  6. Call of Duty: It is a part of first-person shooter as well as part tactical strategy game as you easily switch between controlling and shooting your squaddies.
  7. Cut the Rope: In this game, it seems cute monster Om Nom snipping more ropes to easily feed candy in order to relatives from down the years.
  8. BBM: Its kind of messaging app which attracts 20 million users in its first week. Presently, it faces competition from Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.
  9. Mailbox: It intelligently helps you to easily swipe through your entire backlog even delaying non-urgent mails.

Carrie Miller, has been working as Android Developer at Zealous System – A mobile development company and have been writing on tech gadgets & rising usage of it among the audience. By this article, she has to say that presently, it was reflected in wide-ranging assortment of applications for both Android as well as iOS.

Android – A Worthy Answer To All Your Cell Phone Issues

Android – A Worthy Answer To All Your Cell Phone IssuesThe idea of telephone arrived to Graham bell and this was the start of a new era of communication. From the phone desk the telephone has landed up directly in our hands. Even that era has been revolutionized from simply programmed the phone to color phones and now finally the smart phones. 

The basis of these phones is none other than android itself. This has the origin of the most popular search engine that is Google. The most interesting thing about android is its LINUX based operating system.

The most captivating thing about android is its series. The successive versions are as follows:

  • Cupcake
  • Donut
  • Éclair
  • Froyo ( frozen yoghurt)
  • Gingerbread
  • Honeycomb
  • Ice cream sandwich
  • Jelly bean
  • And Kitkat

The android market is leading the operating system market with a leadership of about 81%. In previous year its usage was about 78 to 79.01%. Based on research conducted it can be approximately attributed that every hour an android based software phone is sold by a seller and bought by a buyer.

The other pronounced names in this market are iOS, blackberry etc. due to cost the iOS is losing its edge in the market. The iPhones have seen a fall in its sale when compared to last year. In this world of giants the blackberry shares a small space even among these hub companies. 

Android may be a product of Google but it has been accepted by brands like Samsung, Micromax, HTC etc. New software which is gaining its roots in the market is none other than windows. Adopted by a name like Nokia it has started taking up the market run. It is emerging like a dark horse. It has grabbed an increase to about 12% share in the market. 

Now there is a brief info about the origin and existence of android.

  • Developer: Google.
  • Programming base: Java
  • Family: C, C++, Java
  • Source : open source
  • First released: in end September
  • Latest release: kitkat version.
  • Applicants: Smart phones, tablets.
  • Languages: multilingual.
  • Platforms: ARM, MIPS, IMX
  • Kernel: monolithic
  • User Interface: graphical

The next thing which is attractive in android is the large range of apps which Google play has opened for its users. There are about 900k+ apps. Apps is nothing different than simple programs. The user interface platform of such programs is Java. But these can be written in C, C++ or even Java. Here the android market gives the iOS a run. This is because it has just 100k apps for the iOS users.

One term which makes android more liable for usage is its android rooting. This feature of android is about allowing its users to attain privileged control. This is a direct root access to the subdirectories of the system. This is to overcome the limitations of hardware programmers put by the manufacturer.

Carrie miller for Zealousys since three years as mobile application developer and works on the various technologies on an android phone. The android supports every platform file and hence makes the phone an all type usage.

NASA’s Spacecraft 3D Shows What Augmented Reality Can Do

NASA's Spacecraft 3D Shows What Augmented Reality Can DoThere are very few people who don’t keep interest in gathering information about the other world I mean about the other planets. From centuries the inventions and discoveries are taking place and every time they come up with some meaningful and exciting news. After the recent announcement of Mars that live can survive on mars, people have become more conscious about knowing the same. IT industry has taken advantage of the same and they have launched a type of relevant 3D app that is so interesting that people of any age group can play with it. 

What you can get with this app:

This 3D app is unique in its way and gives a real feel. App can easily be downloaded in your tablet and no matter where you are keeping it; this will give you a real feel of spacecraft and NASA in 3D view. While receiving the view of spacecraft you will also encounter with the alien. Using this app gives experience of too many things. 

Experience that can be achieved:

There are too many things that can be achieved by using NASA’s spacecraft 3D shows and the popular some is augmented reality. This feature has come in the market just a few years ago particularly when someone noticed how to control the cameras in the tablets, laptops and in the smart phones which people carry and utilize it as an active part of an app. This app can simply add lots of live pictures so that a user starring through the screen can see the things that are actually not there. There are many other games that have started following the same trend. This app has tremendously good features that can simply astonish you and so these features are considered a serious application. 

AR also carries a nice training tool and so some military organization have experimented the same. The same NASA spacecraft based 3D app can easily be downloaded without paying any cost for it particularly if you have AppleiOS and Android based phone. Some people who have Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can also download it.  This spacecraft can be kept into living room, car seat or in your back yard. You can simply hang it on the wall or at any target place. By hanging it on the wall or watching it through screen can really give you a feel of reality. The available spaceships include SMAP, Voyager and Cassini. The most interactive spaceships are pathfinder and curiosity that will give you freedom of raising antennas and masts by which you can easily turn the complete unit and can also drive it a little bit. 

Carrie Miller is business consultant who is passionate about web and mobile application development for couple of years. She is currently working Zealous System that is specializes in a wide range of mobile apps development services.

See The Changing Face of Mobile Development

See The Changing Face of Mobile DevelopmentDemand for mobile in the market is ever increasing and probably the demand for making the next generation of app development has realized immense growth of Smartphone users in the market all over. Other analysts has also realized about the ever increasing want for smart phone with advanced technology. Even, the apps are also having a great demand in the market. Since completion among the app developers are increasing in the market, manufacturers and distributors are launching easy to use apps with low rate.

Breakthrough booming app: lower app cost

There is a growth of over 1.8 million of active tablets as well as smart phones in the market. You can also hear about the great demand of cell phone apps among the youngsters and business associates. People are looking out for the apps that can make cell phone operation of the device quite easy and sophisticated. But, along with smart phone development, technical knowledge about the device is also equally important. Many businessmen as well as mobile users have still not reached to custom mobile apps, as the rate of such apps is really high.

Requirement of technical knowledge

During previous days people used to be happy with the landlines and cordless phone. They do not require much technical knowledge. But today, mobile phones with technologically sound variation ask each of the mobile users to become education in technical knowledge. Thus, you can be sound to create a powerful custom based application. Today, the cell phone apps developers are creating the apps which would not require much knowledge of the users. You will be in a position to edit and create your application alone in Android as well as I phone devices.

Access for businessmen

Today, many small businessmen are suffering from negative effects of consumer taste and preferences. If you are having small business without mobile apps, you will be odd man out for the modern consumers. Today, apps are built in such a way that, all technical and financial barriers are eliminated. Even if you are not a computer programmer, it is not at all a big deal. You don’t have to be glued to the computer all the time. Small businessmen will be flourished with technically sound apps without the need of any technical knowledge. You can be one among the best businessmen after using technologically rich apps in the market.

People can now get the door open for creating cell phone apps on their own. Along with the rise in demand for mobile phones in the market, mobile apps will form a great way to commensurate technical pleasure. The growth of smart phone industry is increasing every day with innovative technologies associated within the device. Since low cost apps are available in the market, people with any economic background can easily get it in their mobile and smart phones.  These user friendly apps can be used by even a lay man. If you are a housewife and hesitate to use technically rich gadget, you must wash away this fact from your mind and easily use the facilities in app stores.

About Author

Carrie Miller is business consultant who is passionate about web and mobile development for couple of years. She is currently working Zealous System that is specializes in a wide range of mobile application development services.