Native App Performance – The platform that has always provided the best look and feel

Native App Performance - The platform that has always provided the best look and feel


The outburst of the mobile development has sparked up a sense of debate over the best options for developing applications that give consumers and employees of whatever they expect of; it may be access to the content they need whenever and wherever they want it. In2012, the year for HTML5 used all the latest protocols to define the content and layout of web pages through various browsers as seen by the internet figures. There have been many reasons to go native and clear; and many developers are indeed walking on that route. Some of the comparisons are listed below:

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Essential for Your Android & iOS SmartPhone: The 50 best apps of 2013

Essential for Your Android and iOS SmartPhone The 50 best apps of 2013Now-a-days is today’s latest technology a kind of positive enhancement? But answer is that over past few years technology has completely taken over society. These days everyone is using technology from children and teenagers to elders as well as adults. In the today’s world, technology is actually most important thing that makes everything even easier. With the help of this latest technology enhancement, people don’t need to leave their homes to achieve what they want. Presently, mobile application development is actual process by which application software is developed for all kind of devices from low-power handheld to personal smartphones.

In this days and age of era, you are not easily getting full value of any handsets from high-end handsets like iPhones, HTC one and Samsung Galaxy unless you load up your phone with some great apps. 2013 was year of physically powerful growth for all handsets with Google-powered smartphones and different tablets starting to challenge Apple’s as well.

In the year of 2013, the biggest application trend was dominance of free-to-play games that are free to download and play but which already make their money from in-app purchases of virtual items. The major lot was Candy Crush Saga that helped to completely make mobile gaming more mainstream than it has ever been. There are verity of children’s applications which were another trend with increasing community and latest enhancement of developers who aim to entertain children.

You can find various fitness tracking applications that known as quantification of the self. Now it is possible to track your steps, workouts, calories as well as your sleeping patterns became increasingly common with some applications tied to external monitors. All these applications will spread on different devices from smart watches to cars. Here there are 50 app recommendations from news, weather to productivity & task management.

For Example,

  1. GLOW iPhone: This application integrates charts, daily reminders as well as health tracking features.
  2. Moves: It uses your handset’s sensors that help you to simply track your running, walking as well as cycling even while showing you where you went during entire day.
  3. Helpouts: It’s the way to easily connect to experts in host of different categories for one-to-one help on. You can easily talk to the experts through live video chat from computers to cooking and fashion to fitness.
  4. BBC Sports: This application offers stats, new stories as well as tables for range of sports and capability to view & listen events live.
  5. Angry Birds: This is a kind of another round of slinging birds at evil pigs with well-known characters aplenty and even some tie-in toys.
  6. Call of Duty: It is a part of first-person shooter as well as part tactical strategy game as you easily switch between controlling and shooting your squaddies.
  7. Cut the Rope: In this game, it seems cute monster Om Nom snipping more ropes to easily feed candy in order to relatives from down the years.
  8. BBM: Its kind of messaging app which attracts 20 million users in its first week. Presently, it faces competition from Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.
  9. Mailbox: It intelligently helps you to easily swipe through your entire backlog even delaying non-urgent mails.

Carrie Miller, has been working as Android Developer at Zealous System – A mobile development company and have been writing on tech gadgets & rising usage of it among the audience. By this article, she has to say that presently, it was reflected in wide-ranging assortment of applications for both Android as well as iOS.