Mobile phone virtual reality – The technology that is heading right towards us

Virtual reality in games has been a dream of gamers all round the world. Gaming would always turn into reality with the help of virtual reality kits. Moving around the room as the real character in the game, killing the enemies and defending from them would be a real fun moment for you with a virtual reality kit. Virtual reality was never ever meant for mobile phones for sure. But it is a surprising fact that virtual reality has been tried out for mobile phones and many of the leading mobile companies like Samsung are trying its hand virtual reality in mobile phones.

Kits of transforming mobile phones into headsets for virtual reality have been heard in rumors recently. The rumors of Samsung building its own virtual reality kit actually surprised the whole tech world. The virtual reality kits will be working the similar manner like those virtual reality kits that are designed for screens.  With the help of the kit, the viewer is provided with two images simultaneously that are same. You can save the changes that you need for positioning the image in each eye. The accelerometer as well as the sensors can be matched with the accessories you are been provided. This will help in creating a realistic head tracing as well as good interaction. 

Most of us have the misconception that virtual reality needs the aid of highly designed screen and even electronic equipment that you will not get in a simple Smartphone. But the reality is that a Smartphone can work much better than a screen and other kinds of gadgets used for bringing in a virtual reality.

The virtual reality kit consists of a virtual reality headset with rubber straps for holding the kit to your head, and a plastic case of holding the phone. The case can hold phones up to 4.7 inched screens or more. The phone is tightly strapped to the front side of the person viewing. There are round lenses that separate the display right in front of the each eye.

You will be able to watch a movie or play games with such highly advanced virtual reality kits. You can turn your phone into something which you have never ever dreamt of. During the time run, it can be seen that smart phones will turn out the whole digital world. It can help you view movies in great dimensions and help you play games as if in the real world, thus giving entertainment a totally different meaning. 

Oculus Rift, which was bought by Facebook for a deal of $2 billion, will be reaching out to the gaming millions during the latter part of this year. Sony has already announced its headset, with the Project Morpheus this March. Microsoft too has bought the smart glasses specialist Osterhout Design Group for $150 million for the purpose of bringing out this technology to the world. Xbox One lovers will be glad to hear about the rumors about the virtual reality gadget Neo VR that will be arriving in the market soon.

Carrie Miller is a writer at Zealous System – An emerging web and mobile Apps development company and also a journalist by home-profession has written this article stating about the importance of Second screen apps in our life. 


Second Screen Apps – A Bright Future to Interact With Latest Gadgets In A Better Way

Second Screen Apps – A Bright Future to Interact With Latest Gadgets In A Better Way

Second screen refers to the use of mobile devices, tablets or smart phones to provide better viewing experiences for content on other devices such as television or computers. The term explains to view the interactive features on an external device using a special app called as Second Screen App. The second screen phenomenon represents and attempt made to make Television’s more interactive for viewers, and also help in promoting social events around specific programs. The use of these screens is increasing day by day in the broadcast industry where new display devices like tablets, smart phones are forming a new era when thought about digital media. It also helps in shaping the businesses and how the customers and consumers may use this digital world. Another use is transferring portable data through cloud based software systems along with various other ways of transferring content over wireless platforms directly to customer’s devices.

Downloading such apps to a mobile device lets boob tubers acquire required information about any movie, TV show or commercial. This would be mere entertaining for whole lot of mobile users! Some of the apps are listed below:

Into Now

This is an app powered by Sound Print recognition technologies which analyzes live television audio and matches it against the fingerprints available in its database. Additional features included is a built in meme generator that helps it stand out among various second screen apps.

Sound tracking

This free app is used to share various sound tracks with any person from your list. It also allows the users to identify songs where ever they hear them. Because of this identification technique that it uses it is known as an identification app which is worth download.


The 140 character social network doesn’t have any listening features but an excellent tool to have while watching television program. We can also read specific program tweets by clicking a hash tag and interacting with other people watching the same show.


This app identifies the show being watched and being experienced with show times, chat rooms and social media activities. It has higher aims, but this app has certain performance issues too.

PBS Kids

A brand of the popular television network, PBS has launched PBS Kids super vision, an app that allows parents to connect with their own children on a new level. This app was built in 6 months to be simple and effective in terms of monitoring and remotely connecting with children. With privacy being a huge thing to worry about, the app connection requires only one login at a time with a unique code. Once the code has been entered, the parent’s iphone will be able to see what the kids are up to using websites.

Thus the recent figures show a clear tendency of the user to use a device while watching television. They also have shown that a greater frequency of the use of tablets or smart phones when watching these shows distinguish a higher differences on social networks of the content being watched.

Carrie Miller is a writer at Zealous System Australia – An emerging web and mobile development company and also a journalist by home-profession has written this article stating about the importance of Second screen apps in our life. 

Siri and Google Now – The Latest Incarnations of Predictive Intelligence

Siri and Google Now- The latest incarnations of predictive intelligenceMan has always wanted an artificial intelligent personal assistant by his side, designed perfectly for assisting him in performing minor as well as major tasks with ease. Though the idea is not as successful as one thinks, it is possible to a certain extent that the assistance of an artificial intelligence can make certain tasks of man much easier. One such example is Siri. Siri is the personal assistant that is built into Apple’s iPhones and iPads. It understands complex sentences, and can guide you in doing your tasks.

What Siri offers is simply not something extraordinary. But what the next generation assistant software aims is to move ahead and take a big leap towards what is known as predictive intelligence. Since these days, smartphones are the ones that have the quickest access to internet links, data of location, are able to draw the personal information, get information from address books, calendars and e-mails; it would be the perfect to make use of such software in smartphones. This way, the user will be provided with a whole lot of assistance right from his/her phone.

The main aim of the latest technological assistants is simply to anticipate the next information that will be needed by the user. This anticipation is based on the information provided beforehand. These assistants will hence ask you to leave early for the meeting, or take a particular route to the destination as it has already found a take a diversion due to traffic sign. It can even book a taxi, a hotel; analyze the e-mail, text message and lots more.

According to Bill Ferrel, the founder of Osito, an application for predictive intelligence, phone contains all the data sources and people pull out the phone and make the first step. According to Bill Ferrel, software should always reduce the time on handling tasks manually. This includes the input of information on a manual basis.

The predictive intelligence has become a part and parcel of a few wearable devices such as wearable watches and Google Glass. In such devices, there is little interaction and a good need for more automation. Predictive intelligence, as per the search giant Google, is the future of search. The Google Now service is considered as the best of the predictive intelligence that has been successfully been used in millions of devices based on Android platform.

These days, the Android as well as Apple stores are loaded with different kinds of personal assistants. Majority of them take the primary information from the data entered in the calendar. Donna, Tempo and Sunrise are the examples of such applications. Those that take information from e-mail as well as from location are also to be noted. Osito and reQall are the apps that make use of e-mail and location details for the purpose of prediction.

Though such a technology is accepted by many, many others find it too much of perking into privacy as it takes a whole lot of details from mails and reminders in calendars and at times, wrong predictions and notifications can make the apps gain a negative effect.

Carrie miller loves writing technical articles and about latest software and app releases while working as developer at Zealous System – A web application development company. Through her article, we are able to understand more about predictive intelligence and its growing popularity among masses. The details of this technology are well explained by her in this article.

These Glasses Let You Play in 3D Virtual Worlds

These Glasses Let You Play in 3D Virtual Worlds

Technology is growing day by day. Today we have many things that can be helpful for our leisure times. We can enjoy and learn many things with these devices. Technology has also given us to enjoy the effect of the virtual world. The available product is delivering both virtual reality and augmented reality experience. With the help of relevant a pair of glasses you can feel the magical virtual world.  Of course the technology is moving ahead but in a steady way. Awareness is influencing people to adopt it. New systems such ascastAR is pushing augmented reality into the known mainstream. 

The newly launchedcastAR system is completely centered surrounded by a pair of glasses fully with lens based micro projectors. The installed projector receives any video stream with the help of HDMI connection and then after it beams a section of a 3D image particularly on a flat surface which is made of sheeting based on retro-reflective material. Inside it you can also find two lenses between which you can find a small camera. The purpose of installing camera on such location is scanning the surface through infrared markers. It also allows thecastAR dynamically to track your head movements accurately and you can see its holographic representation directly on the surface.

If you see closely then this product also comes with a good quality clip-on attachment which permits the wearer to get the experience of private augmented reality. It also layers up virtual objects in the real world. This shows the real image of virtual reality. The entire imagery that you will find will be computer generated. It basically includes a device that is known as Magic Want and it serves a 3D device by which you can input the data. Joystick is a good example of the same. 

If you also want to see other potential applications of the castAR system then you can get many flight simulators, board games and first person shooters. While developing the same developers believe that it can be used for different kind of interactive presentation that will be useful for any business. castAR has a commercial version which is quite impressive. There are some more companies that are ready to deliver impressive augmented-reality which you can experience. 

The entire setup of components can be obtained at $355 that also includes castAR glasses, with retro-reflective surface, magic wand and VR and AR clip on. You can also obtain many packages at lower cost but you need to find more about it. There are technical sites available that provide complete knowledge on the same. Online marketing is another way to know more about the product. Before purchasing such products you need to get complete information about it. 

Carrie miller is an adventurous-trekking lover apart from a dynamic team leader in the field of innovative mobile application development, working at Zealous Systems. He has to say that, “Technology is changing rapidly so, you need to be very careful while purchasing it. One most amazing thing about the product is that it can fascinate all age peoples. You must try to get it and take it’s experience”.

NASA’s Spacecraft 3D Shows What Augmented Reality Can Do

NASA's Spacecraft 3D Shows What Augmented Reality Can DoThere are very few people who don’t keep interest in gathering information about the other world I mean about the other planets. From centuries the inventions and discoveries are taking place and every time they come up with some meaningful and exciting news. After the recent announcement of Mars that live can survive on mars, people have become more conscious about knowing the same. IT industry has taken advantage of the same and they have launched a type of relevant 3D app that is so interesting that people of any age group can play with it. 

What you can get with this app:

This 3D app is unique in its way and gives a real feel. App can easily be downloaded in your tablet and no matter where you are keeping it; this will give you a real feel of spacecraft and NASA in 3D view. While receiving the view of spacecraft you will also encounter with the alien. Using this app gives experience of too many things. 

Experience that can be achieved:

There are too many things that can be achieved by using NASA’s spacecraft 3D shows and the popular some is augmented reality. This feature has come in the market just a few years ago particularly when someone noticed how to control the cameras in the tablets, laptops and in the smart phones which people carry and utilize it as an active part of an app. This app can simply add lots of live pictures so that a user starring through the screen can see the things that are actually not there. There are many other games that have started following the same trend. This app has tremendously good features that can simply astonish you and so these features are considered a serious application. 

AR also carries a nice training tool and so some military organization have experimented the same. The same NASA spacecraft based 3D app can easily be downloaded without paying any cost for it particularly if you have AppleiOS and Android based phone. Some people who have Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can also download it.  This spacecraft can be kept into living room, car seat or in your back yard. You can simply hang it on the wall or at any target place. By hanging it on the wall or watching it through screen can really give you a feel of reality. The available spaceships include SMAP, Voyager and Cassini. The most interactive spaceships are pathfinder and curiosity that will give you freedom of raising antennas and masts by which you can easily turn the complete unit and can also drive it a little bit. 

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See The Changing Face of Mobile Development

See The Changing Face of Mobile DevelopmentDemand for mobile in the market is ever increasing and probably the demand for making the next generation of app development has realized immense growth of Smartphone users in the market all over. Other analysts has also realized about the ever increasing want for smart phone with advanced technology. Even, the apps are also having a great demand in the market. Since completion among the app developers are increasing in the market, manufacturers and distributors are launching easy to use apps with low rate.

Breakthrough booming app: lower app cost

There is a growth of over 1.8 million of active tablets as well as smart phones in the market. You can also hear about the great demand of cell phone apps among the youngsters and business associates. People are looking out for the apps that can make cell phone operation of the device quite easy and sophisticated. But, along with smart phone development, technical knowledge about the device is also equally important. Many businessmen as well as mobile users have still not reached to custom mobile apps, as the rate of such apps is really high.

Requirement of technical knowledge

During previous days people used to be happy with the landlines and cordless phone. They do not require much technical knowledge. But today, mobile phones with technologically sound variation ask each of the mobile users to become education in technical knowledge. Thus, you can be sound to create a powerful custom based application. Today, the cell phone apps developers are creating the apps which would not require much knowledge of the users. You will be in a position to edit and create your application alone in Android as well as I phone devices.

Access for businessmen

Today, many small businessmen are suffering from negative effects of consumer taste and preferences. If you are having small business without mobile apps, you will be odd man out for the modern consumers. Today, apps are built in such a way that, all technical and financial barriers are eliminated. Even if you are not a computer programmer, it is not at all a big deal. You don’t have to be glued to the computer all the time. Small businessmen will be flourished with technically sound apps without the need of any technical knowledge. You can be one among the best businessmen after using technologically rich apps in the market.

People can now get the door open for creating cell phone apps on their own. Along with the rise in demand for mobile phones in the market, mobile apps will form a great way to commensurate technical pleasure. The growth of smart phone industry is increasing every day with innovative technologies associated within the device. Since low cost apps are available in the market, people with any economic background can easily get it in their mobile and smart phones.  These user friendly apps can be used by even a lay man. If you are a housewife and hesitate to use technically rich gadget, you must wash away this fact from your mind and easily use the facilities in app stores.

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Carrie Miller is business consultant who is passionate about web and mobile development for couple of years. She is currently working Zealous System that is specializes in a wide range of mobile application development services.